Prepare new honors for His name, and songs before unknown.

A Charles Wesley hymn of thanksgiving and prayer for Christian continuance.

  1. Jesus, to Thee our hearts we lift;
    May all our hearts with love o’erflow
    With thanks for Thy continued gift
    That still Thy precious name we know,
    Retain our sense of sin forgiven,
    And wait for all our inward heaven.
  1. What mighty troubles have been shown
    Thy feeble, tempted followers here!
    We have through fire and water gone,
    But saw Thee on the floods appear,
    But felt Thee present in the flame,
    And shouted our Deliverer’s name.
  1. All are not lost or wandered back,
    All have not left Thy church and Thee
    There are who suffer for Thy sake,
    Esteem Thy glorious infamy,
    Esteem the scandal of the cross,
    And only seek divine applause.
  1. Thou who hast kept us to this hour,
    O keep us faithful to the end:
    When, robed with majesty and power,
    Our Jesus shall from heaven descend,
    His friends and witnesses to own,
    And seat us on His glorious throne.

Jesus, to Thee Our Hearts we Lift

Charles Wesley

Washington Boro

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